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possible regex search alias bug

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Hi, I have a conflict with two aliases. To reproduce, make these two regex aliases:

--- ---^(.*)\s\s$


--- ---^aa((?: .*|))$
If I type "aa[space]" in FARR the first alias is mistakenly triggered. Is that a bug?

strange.. can i ask if you haven't given a NAME to the first alias that might cause it being triggered?

No this reproduces whatever name I set for it.

More testing: if I open the "edit group alias" window for the first alias and enter "aa " in the test box it (correctly) says "no match" in red text. But I enter "aa " (without quotation marks) in the regular FARR inputbox the first alias runs. Weird!

I tried tweaking the second alias into the below, but the problem is still there.

--- ---^aa( .*)$
hm, if I use this the problem also occurs

--- ---^aa(|.+)$
but if I use this there is no problem

--- ---^aa(| .+)$
A drawback is that with this last regex the alias first runs on "aa", then a regular FARR search is shown on "aa " and then the alias runs again on "aa test". I use this alias to on "aa" list all files in a folder and on "aa test" list all files in that folder matching the phrase test. Anyway, I don't understand why the problem appears in all but the last version of the regex.

I cannot reproduce it.. i suspect the problem is caused by interaction with another alias.

Try this:

type "bb "

if this does not mistakenly trigger your first alias, then you know the problem is not with your first alias, but with some other interaction with ANOTHER alias triggering on the aa.

"bb " does nothing. But what makes me think there is some issue with FARR here is that if I change the second alias from

--- ---^aa(|.+)$to

--- ---^testing(|.+)$I still have the problem i.e. "testing " triggers the first alias.

I have checked my list of aliases and found no third alias triggering on "aa" (nor on "testing"). Could this be related to the fact that the aa-alias is designed to trigger both on "aa" and on "aa whatever"?

Anyway, since

--- ---^aa(| .+)$ works good enough I'm by now just curious why there is a difference.

edit: Let me add that  the two aliases are used to launch these actions

--- ---^aa(|.+)$
aa | dosearch C:\test\ $$1

--- ---^(.*)\s\s$
dolaunch copyclip $$1 ;;; C:\ev2.exe
where ev2.exe is my workaround autohotkey script that passes a search to everything


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