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What does: "service termination timeout is out of admissable values" mean?

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I don't actually use Kaspersky, just did an scan with it

It sounds to me like kaspersky has a bug and is crashing..
Or am I misunderstanding?

Are these "errors" reports of problems on your pc, or are they errors being thrown by the scanner because it's having trouble?

The statements are part of the scan results, under the category:

Other issues

Information about vulnerabilities associated with the settings of installed applications and the operating system.

Ah.. ok my guess then is that it may be you have some registry settings corresponding to process timeouts that may be larger than kaspersky thinks they should be.  seems harmless to me, but its kind of silly that it's not telling you where to find this setting.

Do the pages:


explain the problem/reason why kis throws the error message sufficiently for you?

Read through all the comments available on the second link to get a clearer picture..


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