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Conflict with LibreOffice/OpenOffice

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Some research has revealed that this is a longstanding bug caused by Open Office / Libre Office.. I'm not sure exactly what's going on, but more about the bug here:


It seems to me that a workaround is that AFTER the open-office (libre-office) application is launched, use the right-click tray of CHS and say to "re-establish the clipboard chain".. The question is whether i can figure out a way to do that automatically so user doesn't have to worry.

Ok I have a preliminary possible fix for this.. I'll upload a beta and we can see if it helps.

See how this beta performs for you:

* or
What I've done:
I added code to CHS to have it automatically re-establish the clipboard chain when it sees a new Open Office / Libre Office process.  In fact as a test I'm having CHS re-establish the clipboard chain any time you try to capture from a new process.  Let's see what effect that has.

This should solve the 5-second delay when copying clips within Open Office / Libre Office, and I hope the related occasional hanging that you've experienced.

Jesper Hertel:

  so much, mouser! You are awesome!

I have installed the beta now and will see how it goes. I tried some wild copying in LibreOffice with the new beta running, and so far everything seems to work perfectly. :Thmbsup:

Thank you again! :)


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