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Conflict with LibreOffice/OpenOffice

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Jesper Hertel:
For a long time (many months, perhaps years, my brain really needs a memory upgrade), I have experienced a conflict between LibreOffice and Clipboard Help+Spell.

When copying something in LibreOffice, sometimes Libreoffice locks up and becomes unresponsive. Every time this happens, I notice that Clipboard Help+Spell is also unresponsive, and my only option is to kill its process :rip:. And the very second I kill the Clipboard Help+Spell process, LibreOffice becomes responsive again.

This has happened countless times to me.

I can not reproduce it as it only happens sometimes. But my guess is that some kind of deadlock occurs, where both programs are waiting for eachother to release an open handle or something. So I guess it would be possible to look at the source code of Clipboard Help+Spell and see if it is made in a way that could provoke a deadlock with another program accessing the clipboard. And maybe then a timeout could be introduced in the waiting in Clipboard Help+Spell so the deadlock would only last a few seconds (or less) at max and then give up and possibly give a tray balloon tip about its unability to get clipboard contents or so. I think it is much better to avoid the deadlock and miss the copied text than to lock up both programs waiting to get a copy of the clipboard.

I am 99% sure the same happened in the past when I used OpenOffice instead of LibreOffice. But I have never experienced that deadlock with any other programs. Only in the combination LibreOffice/OpenOffice and Clipboard Help+Spell. So I am quite sure there is some kind of bug in LibreOffice in the way it handles the clipboard. On the other hand, I would prefer if Clipboard Help+Spell didn't lock up just because of that. It would be nice if it could gracefully be a little more accepting towards LibreOffice's possibly rude behaviour. :)

Just now it occurred to me that I could probably circumvent the problem and avoid the deadlocks by putting LibreOffice (soffice.bin and/or soffice.exe) on the ignore list in Clipboard Help+Spell. But it would be nice if the two applications could peacefully coexist and Clipboard Help+Spell would also work with LibreOffice. :)

For what it's worth: this also happens to me with ClipX, and has happened in both OpenOffice and LibreOffice. I've only had it happen in calc, and I haven't found out how to reproduce it - happens rarely enough that I haven't bothered /actively/ trying to reproduce, and it happens under different conditions (both when dealing with text-only cells as well as formula cells).

Once, I was able to resuscitate OpenOffice, but that was blind luck and I haven't been able to repeat that - involved the window system menu (upper left corner), and attempting a bunch of restore/maximize/move operations. Also, FWIW, ClipX seems to keep on trucking when OOo/LO locks up.

I have to track down another reported (and confirmed) incompatibility with CHS, so i'll try to look at this at the same time and report what i see.

I was able to resuscitate OpenOffice,
-f0dder (May 08, 2013, 02:40 PM)
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Don't bother next time. Just go with Libre and allow 'Open' to be put out of its misery once and for all. :P


@mouser - I'll see if I can get that problem to replicate with my copy of LibreOffice4 when I get a chance. :)

Jesper Hertel:
i'll try to look at this at the same time and report what i see
-mouser (May 09, 2013, 11:24 AM)
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Thanks, mouser! :Thmbsup:


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