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Conflict with LibreOffice/OpenOffice

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Happy to be of service.. Let me know if it holds up over time.

Jesper Hertel:
I will! :up:

Jesper Hertel:
Hm... It happened again...  :(

LibreOffice locked up, and Clipboard Help+Spell was inaccessible. Nothing happened when I clicked the Clipboard Help+Spell icon, neither a left nor a right click had any effect – I tried about 30 times over a period of perhaps 30 to 45 seconds... The exact moment I killed the Clipboard Help+Spell process, LibreOffice became fully responsive again.

And I did no clipboard thing in LibreOffice. I just initiated a document compare. Well, I actually pasted the name of the second file to compare into the file open dialog from LibreOffice (that was a clipboard thing) and then started the compare. And LibreOffice did do the comparison and showed the results, but then it locked up (within a second from the paste command).

I tried to do the exact same thing again. Started LibreOffice and did the same compare in the same way as before, and made my actions in about the same speed. But this time nothing locked up.

Can I help with any kind of system snapshot, log file or similar from when it happens again? Can I break into Clipboard Help+Spell and see where it is locked? Perhaps I can go to Process Explorer and have a look at the stack of Clipboard Help+Spell in the Threads tab of its process – and maybe even have a look at the stacks of the various threads to see where it is locked? Anything in particular to look for?

In any case, I will try to analyze both Clipboard Help+Spell and LibreOffice with Process Explorer next time the deadlock happens. Even though I don't understand much of it, perhaps I can get some idea of what is happening so I can give you a clue.

I'll return. :)

Email me ([email protected]) and I'll send you a debug version which will log what's going on as it happens and we can see if we can catch this hang in action.

I was able to resuscitate OpenOffice,
-f0dder (May 08, 2013, 02:40 PM)
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Don't bother next time. Just go with Libre and allow 'Open' to be put out of its misery once and for all. :P
-40hz (May 09, 2013, 03:00 PM)
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Oh, I'm using Libre these days (and think it's pretty much as shitty as Open, but even though it doesn't run as well as old MSOffice versions, at least it's gratis). It's just that I was able to resuscitate OOo, not Libre. And only once or twice, anyway.


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