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Adobe drops the gauntlet - going forward it's cloud - or nothing.

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^You'd need a subscription regardless of features because if your PC can't connect with Adobe's servers at least once every 30 days to get an authorization token, your CS apps stop functioning. 

CS is now a subscription service.

Carol Haynes:
Not that long ago they did a nice thing with their CS2 (or was it 3?) product give-away and now they do this. Ah well, lets hope this move will make them see how the bottom of their "war chest" looks like.
-Shades (May 07, 2013, 06:07 PM)
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Hmmm - no they didn't. They turned off their activation server for CS2 and had to provide legitimate users with an activation free version of the software. They turned a blind eye to others downloading the software but it was never officially the intention to give a free copy to anyone that wants one.


If I have it right (of which there is always considerable doubt) there are to be numerous updates to the cloud version and none to the boxed version. Quite a slap in the face for those of us who paid already to license some of the more-expensive consumer software on the market.

I'm with Carol, one of the things that has kept me close to Windows has been Adobe graphics software.

Adobe will love the idea that nobody will ever be able to pirate Photoshop ever again. Everyone that wants to use it will have to pay for it, monthly.-
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Another inch closer!



I got a kick outa this:

Update: Fireworks has been killed off.

Adobe targets the same Pro and Pro-sumer community that Apple had the misfortune of knowing when it redesigned Final Cut Pro. Adobe’s decision to solely embrace a subscription offering could lead to mass protest if not handled correctly.
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