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SteamGifts Giveaway: Many games (Gone)

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You are welcome. :P

The winner of the DLCs are:

Deozaan, lanux128, p3lb0x, Attronarch, wraith808

Please check your PM.

Thanks!  I had a hard time entering b/c steamgifts wouldn't see that I had dwarves :)  Even after following your instructions and syncing a few times, it was still acting strange.

Hah, same with me Wraith, it registered in the nick of time at 10 minutes till end. Quite extraordinary.

I never got it to register A Game of Dwarves. (c: Buy I won't complain. I got some free stuff.

Thanks very much llc_silly!

EDIT: I just got it to sync by playing the game for a few minutes before attempting to sync it.

Don't worry guys. You can enter this giveaway for the Dwarves DLCs. Wink
Make sure to enter this giveaway for your last chance to win the DLCs.


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