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SSC 4.30_Few UI questions

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1) Are there no rulers or any kind in SSC?  Lot of fancy features, but missing one of the most basic?
Be nice if position of cross hairs (or any drawing / selection tool), clearly showed on H & V scale.   Already has the cross hairs - could have the current x, y coordinates / measurements displayed at top / bottom of screen (like 32 px, 25 px), and / or SELECTED size (1920 x 1080 px) - as you're dragging / selecting AND after selecting an area.

The size of selected area would continued to display & separately, the new values of x & y cross hair positions as it's moved. 
Assuming it has options to display rulers in px, cm / mm, in.  Pretty basic drawing, selecting, cutting tool.

2) Are sizes & weight of fonts for the object size (or selected area), displayed at the bottom, R of screen controlled by SSC or Windows?  The font is VERY lightweight & the the "toolbar" it's in is very short in height.  It's pretty hard to read the values on a 1920 x 1080 screen.  If it's not controlled by Windows, is there any way I can change it or hack a file?

3) Is the clipart from previous versions 3.x (that didn't make it into 4.x) available in a separate d/l to add to v4.3, or do we need to copy them into the new version from the old?


Sorry for delay in replying, ok here we go!

1. Rulers.  There are none currently in SC.  I could add some BUT the part about showing selection size, which i think is mostly what you want:

The selection size will update as you drag and select, and you can nudge it precisely using the cursor keys and combinations of ctrl/alt/shift.  You can also select preset sizes from the toolbar and edit menu, and create your favorite sizes to be shown in those menus.  Hold alt while dragging an anchor to preserve aspect ratio.

I could add rulers if people think it would really be useful i just never can think of a good reason they are needed.  Remember you can configure external tools from the Tool menu if you have your favorite 3rd party ruler tool.  If people can tell me a good usecase for rulers i might implement them.

2. Sizes & weight of fonts for the object size..
Can you clarify? Do you mean the font size for the property editors on the object tool panel that label the parameters that you can change?

3) Is the clipart from previous versions 3.x (that didn't make it into 4.x) available in a separate d/l to add to v4.3
--- End quote ---

I could upload it.. My intention was to make a separate downloadable addon for it, but when I compared it to the new clipart for v4 i couldn't find anything that i thought anyone would really want!  Do you have some specific clipart in mind?  Maybe we can identify a handful of good ones and just include them with v4.

I understand what you mean in reply #2.  But for starters, the values shown in your screen for dimension, file size, selected dimension - look a WHOLE lot better than on my HD 1920 x 1080 monitor.  Don't know why, but if it's not a function of SSC settings, choice of fonts, etc., maybe someone can help me figure it out  (see attached screens).

Even on your screen, dimension font is a bit small for me (think of looking at it near very bottom of a 22 in. or > screen).  Also, eyes > 40 yrs old.

Yes, it shows those values at the very bottom (in quite small font - for me).  But when I'm selecting a specific part of object or selecting an exact size rectangle w/in a rectangle, I can't look at the screen / cross hairs AND the screen bottom (at values in small fonts) at the same time.  I'm guessing most can't look in 2 places at once.  That's probably why many apps -  screen capture, PDF readers, word processors & others -  offer optional rulers.  It's easier to see for some tasks - especially when an "extension" of the cross hair (or cursor) clearly displays on the rulers (contrasting color, w/ a line width appropriate for the scale being used).

Whether you want to include rulers is up to you, of course.  I doubt so many other apps would include them, if no one used them.  I've used many apps - w/ & w/o rulers.  For some things, rulers are easier.

Screens showing how the SSC dimensions look on my monitor, plus some shots of how other apps look / what they include.  (Images on hosting site were resized to (max) 17 in. monitor).


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