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SteamGifts Giveaway: Many games (Gone)

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Thanks!  Entered a few of them!

thanks LLC and pelbox! :-*

It's my pleasure, guys and gals.  ;)
I'm sending the codes via PM.
Please don't forget to mark as received on steamgifts once you redeemed the game, thanks!

The winner of the games are:
Target, Deozaan, lanux128, Mizraim, p3lb0x, Attronarch, wraith808

BTW, don't forget to enter the DLCs giveaway for your chance to win the DLCs if you are one of the Warlord, or  A Game of Dwarves winners. :D

Cool!!  Many thanks for your generosity!!

Thanks a ton! Warlock alone is fantastic, and yet there's so much more.  :Thmbsup:


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