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SteamGifts Giveaway: Many games (Gone)

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If you can't enter the Steamgift giveaway for any reason, you can try this non-steamgift giveaway.


1. Get a steam account

2. Join the Donation Coder group on Steam

PM  "wraith808","Deozaan", or "lanux128" your steam name, and tell him/her you want to join  the group.

3. Log in to via your  steam-account

4. Enter the giveaway

5a. The game giveaway will be expired in the midnight of 3rd May, 2013, and I will announce the winners at a later date.
5b. The DLC giveaway will be expired in the midnight of 5th May, 2013, and I will announce the winners at a later date.


1. You are not eligible to enter the contest/giveaway if you are on my blacklist.
2. Only administrators,moderators, and the charter, honorary or supporting members of can enter the giveaways. Rule 3 is not required If you are administrator, or moderator.

3. You must have at least 25 posts on if you are charter members, or supporting member, and have been a member of for at least 30 days to enter the giveaways.
4. Follow the steamgifts rules and read the FAQ:

5. The entrants will have to post their forum profile as a comment on the giveaway.

6. There is no mark for winning a giveaway, so you can enter them all!

Note: I need to get my giveaway "slots" back from the DC giveaway.
Please don't forget to mark as received on steamgifts once you redeemed it, thanks!

Games List: (GONE):

Genre: Action

1. Red Faction: Armageddon (4 Copies)

2. Red Faction Guerrilla (6 Copies)

3. Warhammer 40000: Space Marine (6 Copies)

4. War of the Roses: Kingmaker (3 Copies)

//A team-based multiplayer melee combat game. The combat is quite similar to Mount & Blade.

Genre: Action, RPG, FPS, Stealth

1. stalker shadow of chernobyl (6 Copies)

//You would probably like this game if you like Fallout3, Fallout NV, or Metro 2033

2. E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy (Giveaway by p3lb0x) :-*

//You should give this game a try if you like Deus Ex.

Genre: Strategy

1. A Game of Dwarves (4 Copies)

// Evil Genius + Dungeon Keeper + Dwarf Fortress = ????

2. Warlock Master of the Arcane (4 Copies)

//A 4X strategy game. This game = Civ 5 with a fantsay theme. :D

DLCs List (Open for another 1 days):

1. warlock master of the arcane master of artifacts (4 Copies)

2. warlock master of the arcane power of the serpent(3 Copies)

3. warlock master of the arcane return of the elves (3 Copies)

4. Warlock master of the arcane powerful lords(3 Copies)
5. warlock master of the arcane armageddon (3 Copies)

6. a game of dwarves star dwarves (3 Copies)
7. A Game of Dwarves: Ale Pack (3 Copies)

Thanks for this! :Thmbsup:

Wow, you sure are generous there LLC. Thanks a ton!

Thank you so much, LLC! Very thoughtful.  :Thmbsup:


Thank you for the giveaway, entered few of them.


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