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Assign hotkey to Quick Capture bar?


Please forgive me if I missed this option already exists and I missed. But, coming from SnagIt, I am used to having the prtscr button assigned to bring up SnagIt's quick capture window. I know I can dock the Quick Capture bar in Screenshot Captor, but it would be nice if I could leverage my old habits and muscle memory to have the Quick Capture bar pop open when hitting the prtscr key. Perhaps this could work even if the Quick Capture bar ere not already docked and just hidden without docking.

Also, I just wanted to say thanks. I have used Screen Captor on and off over the years but kept installing SnagIt also. However, the latest version(s) of Snagit lockup my machine on a regular basis. I have not had that problem with Screen Captor. Great product!



Can you elaborate how you envision using this?

Do you mean literally you want to always use the PrtScr key to toggle the visibility of the Quick Capture Bar, and then use that to make your captures?

I could possibly add a hotkey configuration entry for toggling the quick capture bar -- then you could set that to PrtScr if you wanted to.  Or, since there is already a "toggle visibility" hotkey, i could make an option to say that instead of toggling main window visibility that should toggle quick capture bar visibility..


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