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IDEA: Folder Zipper

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This may exist, but I have yet to find it. I had MyZippa, which did similar but in a different way.

Most archive programs give a right click option to compress a "selected_folder" to "selected_folder.format" where format may be zip rar etc.

For the purpose of this idea we will assume I want to use 7-Zip and zip files.

What I want to be able to do is either select a large number of folders and right-click create individual archives for each folder selected, or drop the folders onto a program that will process each folder and zip it to an archive of the same name in the source folder, or even a predefined destination folder. The second option seems the more logical as I guess configuration would be easier, but a combination of both would also be good.

folder1 ->
folder2 ->
folder3 ->

This is the next stage in dealling with files I have processed with "File Punter" so it may fit as an add-on for that, but more likely a stand alone

This might work well as a fourth method for my SpinZip program you can find here:

It does look like it could be a good candidate.

The one thing that needs to happen is that the files stay in the root directory of the archive. I had found some other programs that almost worked in the past, but put the folder into the archive.
The reason this need to happen, is I then change the suffix to CBZ so it can be read by a comic book reader, but if there is a folder, there is no image to display as the icon.

And before anyone asks. I am not actually using it for comic books, but old paperwork, receipts etc, and then loading into calibre for storage and categorisation :)

Additional thought. Maybe there would be a case to allow an option to change the file type to CBZ afterwards for those who need it, again another step eliminated

Another option might be to allow selection based on file creation date between two dates

A question , as it doesn't yet fit my criteria, when including subdirectories, does it maintain structure or flat pack the files to one level ?

Sorry for the lack of movement on this; I've been especially busy with my regular job lately.  I'll try to find some time to investigate adding your original request to SpinZip.

@Other devs:  If anybody else wants to take a crack at this request, by all means, do so.  =]


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