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Remember where I got the Download

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I did an AHK hack called CommentExplorer that shows the comment associated with a file, if there is one, on the Explorer caption bar.  Here's a screen shot

Mouser has made web space available for the downloads from my former FavesSoft site.  When we upload all the zip files I'll post the url.  CommentExplorer will be available for download from that page soon. It's a hack. But I do like the fact I don't have to open a Property Page to see the comment or hover the mouse.  Responding to the Up and Down Arrows is much quicker.

These are ALL good ideas and I agree that MS dos not make things easier in ANY way.
My latest method uses WAY too much space PLUS it allows for the "possible" saving of both things WANTED (hyperlinks to get back) but also thngs NOT wanted (hyperlinks to all the ads and junk).

I started using the "File/Saveas"  option to save the entire webpage as an MHT file.  The trying to put enough info into the  name to know why I saved it referring back to whatever file I found there.

Not the best option but Better Too Much, than Too Little when I try to figure out what the heck I downloaded an "Easter egg" coloring app for.   :P

In the same vein I wrote a TreePadGen program with the idea of making a node for every file in a download folder.  In the right pane you can enter description. It works well with the free TreePadLite.

See included Readme.txt for details.
y download page:


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