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Remember where I got the Download

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I can do everything I need already but only by using several steps.  Anyone who likes to try out things just for the knowledge gained may have the same needs.
The windows download window only shows what you downloaded but not where you got it.  It would be nice to have a utility that would keep track of what came from where, when I got it, along with any other useful things like size and date downloaded most importantly provide a link back to that website the download came from.  Currently, this means keeping word-pad open making notes of what I downloaded along with a copy of the Http: link in the browser address-bar. 
I am sure someone out there probably has already done this as it would be a very useful tool.  I don't want to go for a full fledged download manager as I only need to know how to get back to where the program came from. 
As long as I am wishing, I might as well wish that the file could be sorted by name of download, date downloaded, and download location.
Thanks for any ideas on this.  If the program already exists, just a point in the right direction would be appreciated

Just for discussion, I often put "where from" info into my filenames when I save stuff. So "setup.exe" becomes "DC ChrisG FastUnZipSnack Setup.exe".

If I download I also do an screenshot which I let save to the same folder
as my download (I have different sub-folders anyway for each app)

So I ended up with:
X:\DL\app name\app name_vers_(
where "_vers_(" is pasted by hand what I had copied from the dl page.

X:\DL\app name\web page title (
(I am using FireFox with an screen shot plugin.)

and maybe
X:\DL\app name\app name_vers_(
with more infos like feature or faq or dl url
but mostly I do a screenshot from all interesting pages.

Since I use a good file manager that all is no work for me.

Yes, both of those are things I do now, but sometimes when on a desperate search for something specific, I cast a wide net when I have time to look, and then later try each utility I found to see if it would solve the problem.  Often this leads to unexpected finds that are totally off topic but still pique my interest enough to download them too.
Maybe two days later I have time to sort through it all and go back to the sites they came from to get a better idea of what each does and even research the file when possible before installing it to test.

A "Download Log" of what came from where might come in handy even years later.  It is definitely something I would keep for as long as possible for reference.

Many of these even come from right here :)  So.. I know my way back.  But some are not even published widely in US and finding them again means following that same exact path to figure out where I was when I found it.

A program to capture and save the internet address you are on when you click download would give you an easy way back to where the file came from.  I appreciate your ideas.  Those are the same ways I do it now and it may be all there is.

I tend to do similar to those above, but rather than a screenshot, I save the webpage, which usually goes to the same folder as the download, I also tend to leave the download folder open, so I can also drag the favicon from the URL, which creates a link to the page. Maybe there is a way to automate the creation of a shortcut at save time.


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