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"Contest" - The most difficult Opt Out screens on installs!?

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My solution for this problem is to use VMWare and install a VM Windows (you'll need the Windows install disk), once installed I make a zipped copy of the VM. Then I use the VM to try downloaded programs. When they pass the tests I install them on my main Windows (also in a VM). To test another program I extract the test VM and use it again. This helps protect my main Windows.

These are great.  ;D
There's one ( I forget the name) that does a really nifty trick:  you are clicking the next-next screens, then there is one screen that doesn't appear immediately and you're next-clicking momentum or rhythm has already been established, so you autmoatically click next without even seeing the screen appear.  SO that slight flicker makes you accept an installation.  I thought it was an anomaly but then it happened on different computers.  very clever.


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