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"Contest" - The most difficult Opt Out screens on installs!?

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This thread was inspired generally by the growing obfuscation of Opt Out measures in harder and harder to find places. Specifically, I went looking for a free CD player program.

Specifically it was inspired by the program "Media Player Classic". I am guessing the original is probably on Sourceforge somewhere. However, the version I got hold of from Cnet had FIVE opt-outs, *alternating* between pre-checked boxes "with this box checked you agree to install an add-on", and then alternating with "by clicking accept you agree to install ___" and forcing you to be clever enough to click "Decline!"

This is an abuse variant of a well known psychological concept where after learning to click the "green button" the correct way out of the install of the aware is alternating between two methods, whereas clicking "all the green buttons like you just learned" installs everything!

So I invite you to submit your candidates for the worst opt-out methods!

Rules: They should (hopefully!) work! Disallowed are cases where the opt-out is simply ignored.

There was one other one from some program elsewhere, but I don't recall what it is now. That one made you uncheck *multiple boxes* per screen placed all over the place!

So my opening entry is five!
From this program/version:
Media Player Classic - *CNet Version* - seems to have more than even usual Cnet nonsense. Someone dumped it into a wrapper.

I just updated PDFcreator - -
(all updates have to be manually installed)
it is a really great PDF printer - as good as Adobe distiller in my experience - mind you I havent used more recent versions of that.

But they've taken to fairly sneaky opt-out options which vary from one update to the next. With one recent update, you were led to believe that you had reached the final "install pdfcreator" window, then they snuk in another opt-out - I actually clicked yes to that one and had to do a system restore afterwards (didnt trust anything else).

So here's todays experience:

Advanced are now called "Expert settings / set server mode, etc. ..."
Mind goes - I dont need server mode - next!

this one is okay - nothing pre-selected

this one is kind sneaky too I think:
the untickbox is for terms and conditions - only after that do they say: "and want to install xyz"

In spite of this messing around I'll repeat my recommendation -
if you need control of your PDFs and a printer that works well with vectors, this is the one for you.

My vote goes to Desktop iCalendar Lite, which I explained the installer hoops landmines you have to jump through over, here.

The installer for Desktop iCalendar Lite is NASTY. Very tricky and confusing and likely to install a bunch of crapware if you don't pay attention and read everything very carefully.  After unselecting the crapware and clicking next, you get a popup that asks if you are sure that you don't want it. The proper response is to click cancel, not OK. Then it offers you another crapware item and does the same thing, only how to unselect it is a bit more confusing. You have to select the advanced option, then uncheck all the checkboxes there, then it does the same thing as before with the popup trying to get you to change your mind, to which "cancel" is the correct option. ("Better Installer" my ass! )
-app103 (January 31, 2013, 10:52 AM)
--- End quote ---

UPDATE:I uninstalled this app, just so I can reinstall it for some screenshots. The uninstaller removed a different app it had no business messing with from startup (my oDesk time clock I need to run to get paid).

Any way, here are the screenshots, which the choices were slightly different this time, compared to what I described above, but still just as annoying.

Yeah, it's a tough call so far! My experience was along these lines this morning!
Maybe when I get some energy I can do the whole Uninstall for Screenshots routine.

Edit: A Shout Out to App for also being on oDesk! : )

That's where I've had a couple things commissioned.

Any way, here are the screenshots, which the choices were slightly different this time, compared to what I described above, but still just as annoying.
-app103 (April 26, 2013, 05:21 PM)
--- End quote ---

especially sneaky the way the [cancel] button is greyed out as if it's not an option :down: :down:


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