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Micro-Fundraiser for the Official DonationCoder CodyMobile!

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Baby Cody being chauffeured around:

Baby Cody has been found!

New DC decals on car (they replace the larger lettering i posted a photo of originally):

looks very nice - did you get the ones on the side done professionally?

The pintstripe and the lettering are both vinyl applications i put on (ordered lettering from which was cheap and fast and good).

If I decide to keep long term maybe i will have a pro paint the pinstripe, which i think looks pretty good but would probably look better painted; they might also be able to make it curve around the front fender area, which i wasn't sure how to do with vinyl pinstripe tape.

The tiny Uncle Cody and Baby Cody tiny stickers are inside window film stuff that just sticks on from the inside and were cut from a larger sheet.  It would be reallly cheap for me to have a bunch of those printed and send them out to anyone who wanted them, if there is some interest -- because i could print a ton of them on one sheet of window film to cut out.


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