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Tip of the Day: How to make your zip files less annoying

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When you zip up files with the intention of giving, selling, emailing to others, please do not include the following files and folders:

* .DS_Store
* Thumbs.db
Nobody wants this crap!  >:(

Besides, leaving it out makes smaller zip files, which means faster up/downloads, takes up less space on your server, uses less bandwidth.

I thought Apple software did this by default for some unknown reason, and there was no way around it.  You mean there's a way to shut that off?  :huh:

Here's a few:

I really don't think the ignorant masses will care when compressing files.

I, on the recipient end of their archives, made a few adjustments to winrar's default extraction profile, so that it won't extract thumbs.db or desktop.ini files. But the trick doesn't work on _Macosx crap. As always, Apple's junk outdoes that of Windows.

Stoic Joker:
IIRC the _MACOSX folder contains the file system fork content/files that Windows doesn't/can't use and Mac's assimilate back into the file system object at the other end transparently.

Krishean mentioned to me how much fun it is to look inside those Thumbs.db files with file recovery tools and find thumbnails that the original owner probably had no idea that they were sharing with the world.  ;D

So, for windows users, including those Thumbs.db files in a zip could be a privacy/security issue, too.


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