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Sorry - forgot to attach the Firefox message, which might help someone else.
-deepkent (October 19, 2007, 04:55 PM)
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On the off chance that you haven't deleted it yet, it's on your L: drive just waiting to be run from Windows (Explorer or the command line if you're one of those hard-core typing junkies). :)  You were just in a hurry and didn't finish reading the dialog. Firefox has security built in to keep you from running programs directly from it by accident -- if you click the "launch application" button it'll do it. Or just browse to the location it's showing and you'll be all set.

The same issue would appear no matter what executable (EXE file) you download; it's probably not a problem when you download zip files and others but it's still better to manage files outside of your browser.

Thanks, Cavalcader, but I think you might have been in a hurry, and didn't read my full post.  I wrote:

'So I clicked on "Launch application", and - nothing happened.  For 10 minutes, until I gave up waiting.  then I went to the folder where I had saved it and tried opening it from there.  And got the same error message I originally started with - "file is not a valid Win32 application".'

So I have tried both of your suggestions, with no luck.  That's why I'm giving up and am now looking for a program that will actually install on my computer.

BTW, in my experience Firefox does not always give a warning like this, which refers to an external app being launched - it usually just warns that the file is executable.

deepkent, I don't know why the program isn't being fully downloaded to your computer from our site.

The problem isn't that the program won't install -- the problem seems to be that your computer is not successfully downloading the program.  Let's try Cavalcader's suggestion, let me upload a ZIP version of the program for you and see if that can download successfully:

And i even uploaded it to a different server in case that's the problem you are having:

The file should be 8.28mb if complete.

It worked!  Thank you.  I can't believe the trouble people have gone to to help me on this.  A great site!

Thanks, Cavalcader, but I think you might have been in a hurry, and didn't read my full post.-deepkent (October 23, 2007, 02:46 AM)
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Sorry about that -- you're right, I looked right past that part.  :-[


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