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LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - ScreenshotCaptor - v4.38.0 - Mar 23, 2020

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Beta has been made official (v4.8.2).

Hello Mouser,

Although I installed the latest version of Screenshot Captor (4.8.2) over the previous one (4.8.0) and although Screenshot Captor runs fine, on start-up it prompts for update- although it is the latest version: - Screenshot Captor - Update Prompt - Screenshot Captor - Version

Why can't Screenshot Captor detect that the latest version is installed?

Regards and thanks for the new release!

Thank you for letting me know about this so quickly!

I forgot to update a setting to let it know what version it is for update purposes -- that's what happens when i wait 4 months to release an update -- I forget how to do it properly!

New version is uploaded -- if you update once more it should stop giving you that message.

Thank you Mouser for your immediate response and fix! I downloaded and installed the fixed version and everything is fine now- no prompts for updates.

All the best!

v4.8.4 Beta - April 23, 2014

* [MinorFeature] You can now toggle the object-capture behavior to not present the "What Now?" dialog where you can choose scrolling capture, etc., and instead do an immediate object/region capture.
* [Improvement] Minor improvements to Scrolling Capture workflow/instructions/warnings.
* [MajorImprovement] Revamped the "manual" method of performing a scrolling capture, to make it easier to do your own scrolling on stubborn windows.


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