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Didn't notice anyone mentioning that zuploader changed it's name (and location in new installation) and Screenshot Captor cannot locate it anymore... How about making a quick fix to correct this one..:) New name for that program is ShareX... Rest should be easy to figure out...

Thank you!

Actually I have a fix for this I just haven't uploaded it yet; i will do so this weekend.

Minor Update:
v3.06.01 - June 7, 2012

* [Update] Upload tools now support ShareX (new version of ZUploader)

Print margins are not being saved / remembered between sessions in 3.06.01 and as far I can tell "all" previous versions e.g.

1) Change the margins to 0.6 all round, orientation to landscape print & fine.

2) Exit program, go back to print dialog and all the settings are back to where they were before I changed them

This was listed as being fixed back a while ago in 2.58 (unsure of exact release). Any ideas or suggestions ?

I'll have a look.


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