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I did some more testing of my "pasted images are too big" -- at fault were the default zoom of Word / Outlook. Once I reset them all to 100 the images displayed correctly.

FWIW I also munged the DPI settings in SC editor, and the resulting "pasted" images displayed appropriately (e.g. 96 default, 80 DPI was big, 120 DPI smaller), so the DPI settings are migrating through the clipboard correctly also.

Brilliant find, when I recorded the video that setting was on 72 dpi.
A 96 dpi setting seems to do the trick   :up:


Hi all, Does the below '' BUG "" also happened to you ?

A normal screen capture I want to make,
I right lick the TV icon, select grab select region. Then PROBLEM START....
the monitor suddenly enlarged itself !!! ( I am now trying to attach the pic here)
the area I supposed to capture of course if way out of the foucus.

Is there anything I should set correctly or it is still a kind of bug behavior against the latest version 2.88 with Window 7 64bit ?

Thanks all.

No idea about that specific problem but I am running SCC 2.88.01 on Win7 x64 without any issues.

hi emcemc, that is very strange!

Does it happen when you do other types of capture?
Does it happen if you use the shift+PrtScr keyboard shortcut to start a region capture?

ps. i will probably split this thread off into a separate topic, so look for it in Screenshot Captor section.


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