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v2.88.01 - October 8, 2010
[MinorFeature] Trying to get SC to handle network paths (start with //) better for screenshot and moveto directories

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I haven't tried this feature, but don't network paths (I am assuming UNC paths) start with \\ rather than //?

oops, thanks for pointing that out. it's correct in the code just not in changelog.

Small addition to the clipboard scaling problem (forgot to mention that):
When I take the route over Paint.NET to avoid unwanted scaling of pasted images, in SSC I choose "Edit" > "Copy Image/Object to clipboard", switch to Paint.NET and paste it there. It is pasted  as a selected object so I can directly choose "Crop" to set the image dimensions to the object dimensions. Then I hit CTRL-A to select the whole image and copy it to the clipboard. Then it is pasted with the right dimensions and without distortion.

So it seems in SSC would be an additional step required to make the object boundaries match the image boundaries to make all copied images paste without distortion. Some target applications seem to do that for themselves (like Photoshop) but when you test with Wordpad you can see what I mean.

sorry for delay in responding xcopy -- i'm not quite sure i understand the issue, could you try to restate it?

Hi mouser,

on my first PC I couldn't reproduce this although I saw this for years.
But on my second PC the effect still exists.

I made a video so that you can see what I mean:
1. I am creating a screenshot, SCC copies it to the clipboard automatically
2. Paste it in WordPad --> ugly resized
3. Paste it in Paint.NET, crop it there and copy it to the clipboard
4. Paste it in WordPad --> correctly resized


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