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LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - ScreenshotCaptor - v4.38.0 - Mar 23, 2020

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Can anybody replicate this?

I'm using Screenshot Captor v2.82.01 - June 1st, 2010 on Vista Home Premium with a user account, UAC On.  I've hit what seems to be a weird bug.  SSC locks up when I use Shift-PrtScr = Grab selected Region.  I make a screenshot, SSC makes its capture sound, and the New Screenshot window (at least I think that's its title - the buttons on the title bar obscure it) pops up.  At that point, SSC locks up and I have to forcibly terminate it.  I didn't try scrolling region or repeat last, but all the other methods seem OK.  This behaviour mostly happens if Shift-PrtScr is the FIRST capture.  That is, if I tried other methods first, it usually, but not always, works as expected; sometimes it locks up even if I have tried another capture method first.  I think Red Box mode may have a problem?  Something like this happened with the beta, but I think earlier versions were OK.

it does sound like something is unhappy with red box mode, which uses a keyboard and mouse hook dll..


What are the mouse and keyboard hooks called?  I'd like to check the Online-Armor HIPS hasn't stifled them.

That's one of the problems of malware defense - names are so enigmatic, it's not immediately obvious whether what's trying to run is kosher or no.

I am not mouser but I believe they are in the ScreenshotCaptor main folder as DcKeyHk.dll and DcMouseHk.dll

Thanks, hamradio - DcMouseHk.dll was in the Allowed list, but DcKeyHk.dll doesn't appear at all.  Hmmm.


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