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LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - ScreenshotCaptor - v4.38.0 - Mar 23, 2020

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You know, I think I might have just spotted something.  We have roaming profiles here, and in my C:\Program Files\ScreenShotCaptor directory, I have a 'servername' directory.  In there, I have "users$", my account name, My Documents, DonationCoder, ScreenshotCaptor, and then a Screenshots directory.  This is on a clean install.  That looks quite unusual to me.

(testing something)

And it will run in portable mode....

but it won't run with the ConfigDir INI set to %MYDOCUMENTS% (which was commented out)

but it will when it's set to %PROFILE%

I think I got it.  The extra directory you called out above gave me the idea for the fix.

try editing the configdir.ini file and specifying a custom configuration directory or something.

LOL, you posted that as I was editing my post...  :Thmbsup:

i think this is an old bug as recently i found myself looking at a bogus taskbar button whenever i set SC to auto-start with windows. here are the pics of the settings and 'ghost' button.

edit: this behaviour was caused by ZBar which happen to be running in the background at the time. i've emailed the author regarding this matter. :)

Latest release:

v2.70.01 - July 26th, 2009

* [MajorFeature] Full support of scanning functionality -- you can now use SC as your scanning tool of choice.
* [MinorFeature] Discarding an image from quick popup now clears the image display, and doesn't perform any postcapture stuff.
* [MinorFeature] Image Effects/Color Dialog is now forced to a large size over the original image.
* [Feature] New second-instance commandline option passing; you can now pass commandline arguments when you call Screenshot Captor, and if an instance is already running -- these arguments will be passed to the FIRST instance while the second silently exits.
* [Feature] New commandline arguments to begin a scan or initiate a capture.
* [Feature] Screenshot Captor now registers itself as a potential target of Windows WIA/ImageCapture services -- so scanner buttons can be programmed to launch it and initiate a capture (or call with -scan on commandline manually).
* [BugFix] The %file% parameter in external commandline tools was being cleared on startup.
* [BugFix] Print configurations (margins, stretch) were not being properly saved and restored.
* [BugFix] The post-capture popup dialog was sometimes not selectable without using alt-tab or keyboard to bring it to focus.
* [BugFix] The post-capture popup dialog was hiding the save as and print dialogs.
* [MinorFeature] Added support for custom commandline args in external file explorer/image editor, by using $$1 where file/folder should be specified.


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