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it's not very clear i admit, but it's top left of the Interface Options tab:
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-mouser (May 19, 2009, 01:53 AM)
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Whoa - mine doesn't look like that!? Is that how your Preferences dialog looks?


Mine looks like that, so I guess you haven't got the latest version, J-Mac...

it's not very clear i admit, but it's top left of the Interface Options tab:
-mouser (May 19, 2009, 01:53 AM)
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Ok, I got it; I was looking in the Post Capture options because is that category which is selected when clicking on the Options button


Another quick update, mainly bugfixes:

v2.56.01 - May 21st, 2009

* Cursor was not being captured in object/region modes
* New program icon (thanks Hamradio!)
* Adding hotkey shortcuts to mouseover hints on SC toolbar buttons.
* Redbox object capture could sometimes capture the red borders.
* Sort by date of thumbnail panel was failing on users who have file extensions hidden.
* Sorting in details mode now works and user can sort on any column.
* Maybe fixed a problem with SC hanging after capture on rare occasions.

wow, first icons in the menu and now new program icon - very chic! btw, the sorting works fine - both in thumbnails and details view.

thanks again, mouser & hamradio too. :Thmbsup:


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