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Using the 'grab active window' command from the menu show a little of SC's toolbar in the screenshot.

and this is my "pre-capture" options

and this is my "pre-capture" options  (see attachment in previous post)
-lanux128 (August 09, 2008, 09:16 PM)
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A problem may be related to the window hiding during capture. That's when I was seeing artifacts from other windows. I wonder if it's a timing thing where, once SC is minimized, the grab is done before the window order is finished changing (as far as which one has focus)?

Hi mouser.

I seem to be the only one that sees this, so I presume it is something else on my computer that causes it, but I still cannot use Screenshot Captor to capture scrolling windows.  Whenever I try I get a flashing affect that ultimately causes me to reboot my machine.  The flashing is extreme and takes place withing the SC window, but even if I minimize SC, it has a negative affect on the entire computer operation.

Whenever I get brave enough to try this again - like after an upgrade of SC - the flashing occurs and I cannot shutdown SC; even with End Process in the Task Manager.  I have managed once to open Process Explorer and kill the process, but something obviously keeps going somewhere in the background because the machine's performance is about shot until I reboot. Really weird!

I had a number of problems with the graphics card in this computer - an nVidia GeForce 7900 GTX (pretty high-end, actually) - so in the past I just chalked it up to the card.  However several months ago I swapped out that card with a brand new nVidia GeForce 8800GS card - even higher end - and yet I still get all the same issues whenever I try to capture a scrolling window with Screenshot Captor.

So I obviously cannot blame the previous graphics card. Perhaps it is a conflict with nVidia GeForce cards in general, or maybe with Asus SLI-capable motherboards, AMD processors, or some other hardware I have in this box.

Anyway, I purchased the SnagIt 9 upgrade just to use for scrolling window captures, so it is not really hurting me in any way.



PS:  A quick question about the location of Options or Preferences in various applications.  A personal gripe I have always had with developers is that they can never seem to agree on where to put the Options or Preferences link in their program menus!  I almost always have to search through the menus to find it - even in software I regularly use. Mainly because all seem to like hiding it somewhere different from the next developer.  However your applications seem to suffer from the same problem!!  E.g., Screenshot Captor options are labeled as "Preferences" and are located under the Edit menu.  CH&S, on the other hand,  calls them "Options" and locates them under the View menu.  Dcupdater calls them "Preferences", like SC, but puts them under the View menu like CH&S.  It is maddening at times! I didn't want to go through all my apps to find more examples, but I could - and I'd find even more names and places for program options!!

The most common seems to be Tools>Options.  At least on the apps on my computer.  But some are spread out all over the place.  I know there is no specific guideline for placing such menu items in applications, but what criteria do you use?  Why different in the various applications that you yourself have designed?

Just curious!

Perhaps it is a conflict with nVidia GeForce cards in general
-J-Mac (August 15, 2008, 01:00 PM)
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I can help you rule that out. I've got an nVidia GeForce FX 5500 -- definitely not state of the art any more, but maybe that'll help give you a reference point. No problems with flashing or performance hits here; the card's got 256 MB RAM onboard at AGP 8x.

I did also stick with an older version of the driver since they were done updating it for my card; Device Manager says it's version from 10/22/2006. Related info is XP Pro SP3 (and was fine on earlier Service Packs & driver versions too) and a 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 with a gig of RAM. (It's a relatively basic system nowadays but it still works decently.)

Yeah, but both nVidia cards have had performance problems here, unfortunately.  :(

I am running a Falcon Norhwest Mach V computer with pretty upscale components - they just don't seem to want to work together! The 7900 GTX would continually cause a graphics driver crash - BSOD and all that.  Though that was fairly common with the 7900.  However the 8800GS is supposedly performing great on most machines. Yet here, even though it is not crashing me now, it scores exceedingly low on all performance tests I have run.

Must be a bad combination of hardware here - even though they are all high-end components. Something are apparently not getting along, but I'll be darned if I can determine which!




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