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LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - ScreenshotCaptor - v4.42.0 beta - July 21, 2022

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I don't know if anyone has experienced any errors printing, but I discovered that my new color laser occasionally gets mad that Screenshot Captor is not setting a title for print jobs.
I'll upload a new version this week with a bugfix.

do you intend to make a non beta release?
Thanks for your awsome work

I've just uploaded a new beta; as soon as I get some more testing of it I will make it official.

v4.42.0 - July 21, 2022

* [BugFix] Printing to some printers could result in printer throwing windows error failing to print; due to no title for print job set
* [BugFix] Installer was failing to automatically close a running copy of the program when installing an update or uninstalling.

Thanks for the update.

Do you have any plans to update it for some of the enhancements that have bee requested as it has been a long time (or at least it feels like a long time to me) since there were feature update.

Issue with scale not a 100%.

I have my laptop main screen 1920x1080 with scale 100 and external 4K monitor with scale 150%. if i want to capture top screen is magnified and i'n not able to capture anything on second screen. (if scale is 100% on all screen I have no more issue)

Can you verify that Screenshot Captor can take into account scales different from 100%


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