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LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - ScreenshotCaptor - v4.31.0 - Dec 2, 2018

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The problem was the new version asks Windows for the name of the current (default) printer.  It seems that that function call can throw an exception, and I wasn't testing for that.  That error was the exception, it probably happens if your current printer is a network printer that is offline, or something like that.  Now I check for an exception being thrown and just don't use the new feature of displaying the current printer name in the menus.

I've uploaded a new version to fix the bug, hopefully it didn't hit too many folks.

I could not find what is new in Screenshot Captor version 4.31.2.

It seems the previous release (4.31.1) could throw an exception in certain unusual circumstances regarding a disconnected remote printer.. The new version fixes that.

Thanks for the express reply.


1) Please tidy up the data on the site!
Version 4.31.1 is listed, but version 4.31.2 is being loaded.

2) In the online help there is no data on changes in new versions.

3) For several years now, DirectX capture has not worked.

Maybe you need to hide or delete this command from the main menu of the program?
In addition, there is no this command in the context menu of the program icon in the tray.



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