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LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - ScreenshotCaptor - v4.38.0 - Mar 23, 2020

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1) Please tidy up the data on the site!
Version 4.31.1 is listed, but version 4.31.2 is being loaded.

2) In the online help there is no data on changes in new versions.

3) For several years now, DirectX capture has not worked.

Maybe you need to hide or delete this command from the main menu of the program?
In addition, there is no this command in the context menu of the program icon in the tray.


Minor beta update, hoping to get back into the swing of more frequent updates:
v4.35.1 beta - Dec 30, 2019

* [BugFix] Mobile phone or other photos with rotation information are now auto-rotated to correct orientation.
* [Improvement] Updated compatible version of Mouser's Media Browser for image file management/browsing.
* [MinorImprovement] Create new folder here function will now ensure the new folder is uniquely named.
* [MinorImprovement] Minor tweaks to option descriptions.
* [Improvement] Added preconfigured tools for The Gimp, and Corel Paint Shop Pro (will be auto populated in Tool menu if found installed)
* [BugFix] The tool system (sctool) configuration files were not finding programs in the x64 C:\Program Files\ directory if the tool was configured as in %ProgramFiles%
* [BugFix] Red box object capture could capture a larger area of the screen when capturing whole windows on Windows 10.
* [BugFix] Code to fetch printer name could throw exception

Thanks for the update. However there is a small problem with this update, it does not work with XP. When you run it you get the an error 'Failed to start because DWMAPI.DLL was not found'.

If you are dropping support for XP that is fine. If not, then can you fix this. According to one post I read "... it is possible to have an application using dwmapi that will run on XP - you just need to disable the dwmapi parts using DelayLoading".

How strange.
I certainly do not intend to be dropping support for xp, and I'm trying to think what would I would have changed to cause that error..

Can you tell me what version you were using previously? I think that's very important for me to figure out to track down what change is causing that error.

If you run the latest official non-beta, do you not get that error?

To put it another way.. I'm trying to figure out if Screenshot Captor never worked with Win XP, or if it worked with it up until this latest version, etc.  i.e. is this a new error or an old one?


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