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LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - ScreenshotCaptor - v4.36.1 - Jan 2, 2020

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Updated in latest beta.

Minor update posted with better ability to easily resize preserving aspect ratio in region select mode -- very useful when used with your list of MyFavorite region sizes:

* Trigger a region capture
* Hit 1-9 key to select your preset region size
* Now just move the mouse to move the region, or hold alt and move mouse to resize preserving aspect ratio.

Hello all. On Screen Shot Captor, how can I completely delete an object once it is saved?  I find that I can edit an object but cannot delete it so I need to use a copy of the original map and start over.  Thank   you for your help.

In Screenshot Captor, you can edit/move/delete objects after you have saved the file, the trick is that in order to select an object you have to go into Object Editing Mode.  You can do that by simply double-clicking the item to enter object editing mode and select the object, then hit Delete key to delete it.

Really like the new changes. Any chance of these Toolbar change being done ? Requested something along these lines before.

If would be really nice if we could select and add "any" of menu options from Edit, SpecialFX1, SpecialFX2, Objects or Tools menus to the Toolbar.

I do realise that could be really hard so I would be happy if we could just add in this "order of priority"

 Pixelate Inside selected region
 Splice out strip by selection -Deluxe effects
 Splice out strip by selection


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