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LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - ScreenshotCaptor - v4.38.0 - Mar 23, 2020

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Midnight Rambler:
Installed 2.43.01 on Vista SP1 and has worked fine so far.

Thanks for not changing tray icon and for coding optional MyJunk folder.

Found SC on FileForum and gave thumb's up rating.

The download link on the main page is currently incorrect.
It goes to:
But that does not work.

I then modified the url to: (IE Without the beta and it works, and does download 2.44.01 correctly)

Hope this helps anyone else currently trying to download it.

thanks pjb i will fix!

Thanks Mouser. BTW: Nice application.  :up:

Updated on my XP machine and seems to be doing fine. I think I also got it on my Vista notebook last night but had to shutdown shortly thereafter. I'll try to give it a look on there tonight.

Thanks mouser. BTW, after purchasing the upgrade to SnagIt 9 - I wasn’t even using SnagIt 8 anymore but they made the upgrade so damned cheap!. It's in my "software junk drawer" already. Doesn’t even come close to screenshot Captor IMO. And v. 9 is much less friendly than even their previous version. Horrible workflow - to perform basic captures and then save them as standard image files takes me several more clicks and if I am not very careful I lose them altogether. Camtasia is getting better, but SnagIt - with apparently a new development team - is moving backwards!



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