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v2.30.04 - 2/09/07

* When copying and pasting to programs that support DPI information, Screenshot Captor now honors the DPI settings in options (solves bug where images were small when being copied and pasted into outlook, etc). -mouser (May 04, 2006, 01:22 AM)
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    How to use it?
    I grab an area and auto save to png file with dpi=300. When I insert picture from this file in MS word or OOo, it's still small (same as previous versions). I can find the dpi=300 information in the png file with irfanview. I can also delete this information with it. After that, inserting pic from the irfanview revised png file into doc will get a correct result.
    when use gif and other file formats, it's OK.
    when just copy & paste, (instead of insert image from file), it's OK.


you can set the default DPI for your new screenshots on the general settings tab. set it to 72 and all new screenshots will be big when pasted into outlook, word, etc.

you can also set the DPI for an individual image in the SpecialFX -> Color Depth+DPI menu.

    yes, i have tried 72dpi, but It's not exact the 100% size in word.
    On my thinkpad, when i set 95 dpi, it's nearly the 100% (also most clear) size.
but, i think for the best effect when insert image from png file to ms word or OOo, the png file should have no info of dpi.
    when use gif  and other file formats (there is no dpi info in file), it's OK.
    when just copy & paste, (instead of insert image from file), it's OK.

It works perfect for me now, I have set the DPI to 96 and the screenshots appear in perfect size when I paste them into mail messages (Outlook/Word). Thanks for the new version!

this is the effect.
Maybe 96dpi is the right number.
but it' was OK for me in previous versions yet.


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