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I found a very minor UI bug in v2.91.01.  The Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut was recently changed to print the screenshot (which I love!), but the shortcut text still appears on the Edit > Preferences menu item as well.

Thanks for spotting that jinker; options will now be Ctr+Alt+O.

hubi, Ctrl+Alt+P is now splice hotkey.

Is the hot key in in 2.91.01 as it doesn't work for me.

will be in next update (actually i think youll find it unofficially in current version if you redownload).

Mouser, hot key for splice works fine thank you very much  :Thmbsup: !

Still hoping for a tool bar button in the next release. A little odd for me as I am very much a "keyboard shortcut king" (i.e. I like and use them a lot) but then the graphical nature of the program lends itself to using the mouse so hence in this case my strong wish for a tool bar button.


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