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i'm pretty sure this is a case of SC scrolling capture not working and not a user error.. it used to work perfectly in firefox for me but recently i've been having the same problem as you.  more and more evidence points to the need for me to revamp the scrolling capture code.

Renaming a file doesn't seem to maintain the .png.objects file which stores the markup objects (arrows, etc.).

Moving a file with objects using MoveTo Folders should also move the .png.objects file but doesn't seem to?

Is this expected or how can I take action to preserve my .png.objects data so my screenshots remain editable?

PS: Just donated $10 to the site to say thanks for ScreenshotCaptor!
-TurboJosh (November 08, 2010, 05:05 PM)
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Finally Found the permanent fix to the "off-focus during capture select region.

Right click on Screenshot Captor choose property.

Choose compatibily,
Choose from "setting" ,
Check the box saying " Disable display scailing on high DPI setting'.

I ever never again meet the off focus problem when using select region.

"" Above apply for Window 7  O_N_L_Y "

Thanks Edmond.

oh wow that's an interesting find.. never even heard about that property!

You are just too busy on the core work of the software so did not have chance to look in .....
I now put up the capture of the "solution".

If anyone of you having "off focus" problem during you are making a "select region" capture.
Check the box of "Disable display scailing on high DPI settings"., see enclosed picture.

(The trade-off is, all icons within Screeshot captor interface is relatively small)


Update release:

v2.90.01 - Feb 15, 2011

* [BugFix] Attempt to fix bug where thumbnail panel was sometimes not updating on new images.
* [BugFix] Manifest was not being embedded leading to beep sound when selecting items in thumbnail or capturing screenshots (mostly under Windows Vista).


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