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minor update:
v2.84.01 - August 18th, 2010

* [HelpFile] Updated the information on using Ctrl+Shift trick with the MoveTo menu, and changed behavior slightly -- thanks lanux!
* [MinorFeature] Browse for new screenshot folder now lets you put in path manually if you want.
* [BugFix] If you switch or rename image files while editing a text box object on a newly created text box, you lose the text.
* [MinorFeature} You can now hold the Ctrl key while using the "move to.." menu item

minor update:
v2.84.01 - August 18th, 2010-mouser (August 18, 2010, 08:41 PM)
--- End quote ---

thanks mouser! it works well now.. :Thmbsup:

thanks to lanux for finding all the bugs fixed in this latest release!

Thanks for the update, mouser.

One thing:
I am a bit confused how to control what SSC copies to the clipboard. I found that the Shortcut CTRL+C works in a different way than using the menu item "Copy image/object to clipboard (CTRL+C)". Shouldn't they do the same?

Using the menu item created two kinds of bitmaps: "Device Independent Bitmap" and just "Bitmap" while CTRL+C creates just a "packet". To paste an image into e.g. an HTML mail I have to always use the menu.

And, additionally, it would be nice if we could set up, what and what not to copy to the clipboard. When both kinds of the above mentioned bitmaps are in the clipboard there's a default action when pasting and that's normally the Device Independent Bitmap, which resizes ugly in HTML mails or RTF pages. So there's always the need to first select which one to copy and choose just "Bitmap".

Another two additions:
• in the newest version the keyboard-shortcut seems to be completely without function.

• To use screenshots I made with Screenshot Captor I usually copy the screenshot to the clipboard, then paste it into Paint.NET ( Then, in Paint.NET I again copy it into the clipboard and now I am able to paste it into every application that supports embedded images (like Office, RTF, HTML-Mails etc). I make the detour with Paint.NET because I found that this app reliably copies a format into the clipboard that seems to be widely compatible and doesn't resize the image in an ugly way when pasted. Maybe you could take a look what this app does and check against SSC.


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