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LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - ScreenshotCaptor - v4.41.0 - May 31, 2021

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Glad you like it, and welcome to the site Polka!  :Thmbsup:

You can now comment on this announcement thread.  Comments will be split off onto a new thread with each new release.  I think this will make it easier for people to discuss releases but still keep the announcements clean.
-mouser (October 08, 2006, 04:58 PM)
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I am subscribed to this thread (for obvious reasons) and got another email notification of someone congratulating you on a job well done.  Is there any other way to find out about new releases besides this thread? (other than your automatic updater which I'd prefer not to use).  If not, would you please consider disabling comments on this thread again?  To solve the concern with being able to discuss the releases, maybe you could post twice with each new release -- once to this thread, and also start a new thread for each release with comments enabled?

new release:

v2.79.01 beta - Apr 24th, 2010

* [MinorFeature] SaveAs now does higher quality (less compression) saves; useful for occasional jpg saving.
* [MinorFeature] SaveAs now remembers your last default file extension used.
* [BugFix] When creating thumbnails, or using saveas or save+ , sometimes pushing the copy filename to clipboard button would copy the PREVIOUS filename to clipboard; this could result in file path to full image copying to clipboard instead of new cropped thumbnail.
* [MinorFeature] Added option to use transparent background when resizing canvas or adding captions.
* [MinorFeature] Started showing different icon when in timed capture mode.
* [Feature] You can now customize the directory pattern for the auto-moving-old-screenshots archive feature.
* [MinorFeature] Added MoveTo menu item to move all screenshots into archives.

v2.81.01 - May 4th, 2010

* [MajorFeature] Completely re-rewritten new method for capturing Aero Glass themed Semi-transparent windows on Vista and Windows 7.  Based on an approach described by Ian Griffiths (, with several tweaks for automatic border detection and improved color handling.  A new options tab ("Windows Capturing") was added to control the various options for it.  Note that by default SC will preserve the entire transparency recovered from the window; this will allow you to composite the screenshot in graphics editing software with it's original semi-transparent regions and effects.  By default SC will attempt to remove the shadow effect imparted by Aero, but you can change this on the Windows Capture option tab.
* [MinorChange] Changed default hotkey for capturing active window to Ctrl+PrtScr (the previous default of Alt+PrtScr was very stupid decision since the Alt key can activate menus)
* [BugFix] SC was refusing to capture certain windows like Google Chrome; errors in capturing are now reported better.
* [BugFix] With the option to remove border shadow, full screen active window captures were being eaten into; SC now ignores this option on maximized apps.
* [MinorFeature] Removed aero capture delay setting - SC should now capture as fast as it can and lengthen delay when needed.
* [BugFix] Hopefully eliminated bug where aero capture could be blank if screen refresh did not happen fast enough.



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