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i think it must have to do with screenshot captor trying to do non-rectangular transparency effect fixup on the rounded borders of the active window.. but why it's suddenly acting up i don't know yet.  this happens AFTER the preview in the post capture box is shown, so that would explain why it looks ok in the pop up.  i could change that but it wouldn't solve the problem just give you an earlier warning.

can i ask what operating system and what skin/theme you are using?

can i ask what operating system and what skin/theme you are using?
-mouser (July 28, 2009, 02:45 AM)
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XP Pro. Skin theme? No idea - where is that in Preferences? I don't see it.


i guess you have the standard xp style silver theme, its in the appearance tab of right click on desktop properties.
i have my style set to classic which is why i am not familiar with it.

i can't manage to reproduce the problem -- on my pc it seems to capture the active window fine and even gets the rounded corners right.
really strange..

if anyone else experiences this please let us know.

something did occur to me -- and that is the delay between the capture and this transparent border window removal when using the pop-up dialog..  because sc only queries windows for the screen region after the pop-up dialog closes, its possible if the window moves that this would cause a problem..  is it possible you moved the window being captured while the popup dialog was being shown?

regardless, let me try to make sc do the transparent window border cropping right away after capture and see if that fixes it.


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