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LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - ScreenshotCaptor - v4.38.0 - Mar 23, 2020

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now that is very strange..
so are you saying that:
1) previous versions worked
2) this version actually installs ok but gives that when it tries to run?

Hello Mouser,

Yes, earlier versions of Screenshot Captor have worked.  I've used the last 2 versions on the same pc, same install of vista.  The last version that I was on was the mistakenly uploaded 'debug' version of Screenshot captor that threw up the extra dialog box when saving a file. 

This version installed fine, with no errors.

Are there any registry keys or files that are not in the Screenshot Captor directory that I can try to clear out to do a new install?

Check your "C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAMEHERE\Application Data\DonationCoder\ScreenshotCaptor" directory, especially if you are on vista on win7.

I can put up an older version if you want to try that -- i don't know how any change i made could have caused this.


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