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The 21 worst tech habits [PCWORLD]

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The 21 worst tech habits ...

My Favorite:

10. One account, multiple users

Good list  :up:


I dunno, I kinda disagree with the Printing thing. I print a series of the most important emails with detailed info going on especially to use as checklists and bringing with me to meetings. (See the GTD thread - the unmentioned half of my Notebook of Doom) is email threads which quite often end up stapled into a series with other items such as matching return receipt green postal slips etc.

So that one is more of a "cut down" thing for me, rather than "why on earth would you ever" from the article.

Tao, I'm in full agreement.  Physical copies have a number of advantages that have already been re-hashed elsewhere.  Otherwise, I'm clear by the list.  :Thmbsup:

17.  Texting at the table

Yes. Yes. A thousand times YES!.

In my little circle of tech support people, there's one person who no longer gets invited out for dinner/discussions because of her incessant texting.

Few things are more annoying than to be discussing something only to see someone's eyes constantly flicking to their Blackberry. It's almost as annoying as when this person reads a message and giggles right before saying, "I'm sorry. What were you just saying?" Something which happens about every third message.

She insists she's no longer invited because she's a woman. We know she's no longer invited because we're all fed up with her and her Blackberry. (BTW: there are two other women in our regular group, so I don't think gender has anything to do with who still gets invited.)


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