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Is there a way to not capture title bars while capturing windows?


Hi everybody, I just downloaded this wonderful application and was wondering if you could tell me if there is an option to turn off title bar capture (the thing at the top of the window with the minimize options and such) when taking screenshots? Sorry if this has been answered before, I searched but I didn't find anything in the forums. Thank you in advance!

Welcome to the site sleepypig  :up:

That's an interesting question that hasn't come up before..

It's not currently possible, at least not in an easy way.  You could try using a Windows Object Capture and selecting the interior area, but that's definitely more work than just performing an active-window capture.

One thing i could do if this is a feature that more people want, is add some menu function to automatically trim off some amount from top,bottom,left,right, either at the time of capture or via a menu action -- that would let people pretty easily remove titlebars and/or borders...

Of course you could use Grab Selected Region and select the window minus the title bar.  That's my standard capture method, I modified the key assignment to associate that with plain old Print Screen (no shifts or ctls or alts).

Thanks, mouser! And I think that would be a useful addition to this excellent program. The reason that I didn't want title bars in my screenshots is because I wanted to take screenshots of windowed games without having the title bar be present, which does not look as good.

And x16wda, that's a pretty smart idea. I'll try that method out too.


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