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The Coffee/Caffeine Thread!

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For people trying to get away from coffee, but wanting to have the alertness that comes with it... try mate. National beberage of Argentina. Has to be consumed in a gourd. Totally worth the hassle, as the concetration peak you get... you could drill a hole on the wall with your stare O_o

A German "hacker" (and Pirate Party) drink is Club-Mate, some mate tea with carbon dioxide. Pretty nice, tastes like dead grandparents but makes your heart run a marathon. It may lead to lack of sleep though.

And I'm having some coffee now.

Club mate is for babies.
It has nothing to do with the real thing.
Just try it...
It has plenty of vitamin and minerals too.

The real thing tastes like Club-Mate which has been left open for three weeks behind the fridge. Why would anyone want that?

Here is a couple of places I get my coffee in bulk. I buy whole bean and not preground coffees, makes for a better fresher pot.
Coffee Bean International working out of Portland, Oregon and S&D Coffee out of Concord, North Carolina. Easily found on the net for phone numbers.

From CBI, I order their Anniversary Blend, the darkest roast they have.
minimum order-20lbs. Ground or whole bean. Must be a coffee retailer/reseller. Easy to do for me, when I started ordering, I owned a business. Any business name will work.

S&D supplies me with their Traditional Blend, European Select, and 100% Colombian.
Bulk or retail is fine with them, although I am their customer under a business name.
Available by the case with 10 2lb bags, 14oz bags or cases of 1.5oz bags that make 1 pot of coffee. Ground or whole bean.

I think the dark roast blends are even better then Hawaiian Kona or Jamaican Blue Mountain (the highest priced coffees I know of). Unless I can find these two in a dark roast, which is near impossible without special ordering. I'm just not up to $40 or more for a pound for coffee. I spend from $6 to $9 a pound.

I don't know about other countries, just my own, U.S.A.
-cmpm (June 07, 2013, 05:02 PM)
--- End quote ---

  I buy my coffee beans by the 5lb bag through CoffeeAM.  I've tried a couple of other coffee places, but I think CoffeeAM has a better taste, plus it's a little cheaper.  Oh, the beans are Mocha-Java, my afternoon coffee.  Sucking on a cup right now.   :P

  On another note, I just retired my Hamilton Beach Brewstation for another Hamilton Beach with a single cup brewer built into the side.  Really makes a nice cup of java, plus I get more mileage (and a bolder cup of coffee) with the "Bold" setting.  Sometimes I want a cup of coffee in the early afternoon, and you have to add a little more coffee for such a small amount in a regular pot.  This new one with the single cup brewer takes care of that little problem.   :Thmbsup:
  Only bad thing about new coffee makers is the break-in period.  Even though I ran water through it to flush out any manufacturing contaminants, it still has that new coffee maker taste to it.   ;D


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