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The Coffee/Caffeine Thread!

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We used to have a local Barney's (well, not too far away, anyway) that carried actual Jamaican Blue Mountain for awhile.  Expensive, but it was the real deal - either that or they mixed in some crack or something.  I couldn't afford it very often, and I haven't seen it in years (and not only couldn't afford it now, but also would expect a ripoff if I tried sourcing it over the Internet).
-x16wda (April 21, 2013, 07:59 PM)
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  They had Jamaican Blue Mountain listed on the site where I buy mine from, AKA: .  I've been buying coffee from there for over 10 years now, without a hitch.  Of course, they also sell all kinds of tea...

Switched to decaf ~6 years ago, after a habit that started when I was 16 or so.  I worked night shift most of my working life and so 1+ pots of coffee per night was just "maintenance".   Then started working a day job and had a 1-2 espresso per day habit (brewed at home) and I ran out of coffee and money on the same day.  The headache I got was absolutely horrible.  Happened again about 2 months later and I began that day to wean myself off.  I still drink it because coffee is just damn delicious, even though the decaf is not quite as flavorful.  Still brew it in an espresso machine or moka pot.

^I was curious how coffee is decaffeinated. I find I often dont react well to the dacafs I've tried but that could be more to do with me than the coffee.
Came across this site talking about the various processes - methods are interesting, worth a read:
How is coffee decaffeinated?

(FWIW apparently they're aiming to produce a GMO decaf coffee.)

It's worth noting, for caffeine sensitive people, that decafs aren't fully decaffeinated -- just mostly.

Well, it's late afternoon here and I'm now sitting quietly sipping a fresh cup of my favorite afternoon blend: Gevalia's exquisite Cafe Sperl while reluctantly thinking that I really do need to cut down on my coffee consumption in general - and my caffeine intake specifically.

'Problem' is I don't do drugs. And I don't even drink that often. Plus, I no longer smoke (clean for 13 years this year!) right now a good cup of coffee is about the only physical indulgence I still permit myself.

I'm afraid if I curtail coffee too much I'll risk losing my main rationalization for living. ;D

(Note: Switching to a decaf blend isn't the simple answer either. I've tried many, and there's a noticeable difference in flavor. And unfortunately, on blindfold tests (I told you I tried! I really did!) I've ended up favoring the caffeinated blends almost single every time.)


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