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New Update - crashes in Win 8. Win 7 now must open pic from desktop only.

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I use Screenshot Captor daily for work. I have one WIN 7 and one WIN 8 PC. The WIN 7 will work with the updated Screenshot Captor but I must now drag images to the desktop in order for htem to open. Otherwise the screenshot captor viewing area is blank. On the WIN 8 machine, opening an image with Screenshot Captor results in an error: Error allocating handle: #1. When I click "OK", a Screenshot Captor window opens: Screenshot Captor has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.


Hi shaereka.

Screenshot Captor should run fine on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Are you using the latest version?

Anyone else having these troubles?

Screenshot Captor runs on tons of windows 7 machines fine, perhaps we should start there since windows 7 is a bit more common.  You say you have to drag images to the desktop in order for them to open.  Can you explain what you mean -- I don't understand what you are saying isn't working.  What are you trying to do and what do you expect to happen and what happens?

And are you saying the prior versions of screenshot captor worked for you but the new version doesn't?
Or is there a particular action you are trying to perform from the program?

Well, I have a network link to my SharePoint folder of photos. Before I upgraded Screenshot Captor, I just clicked on the picture (PNG) and had the default to open in Screenshot Captor. It no longer does this. (since the update). I now have to drag to the desktop and then it will open. Not a huge deal. Just a change. So I can function on my Win 7 machine.

The problem is, I need to work off site. My laptop (WIN 8 machine) does not even work when I attempt to open the pictures (screen shots) from the desktop. I added Screenshot Captor (newest version) as soon as I upgraded to Windows 8. Since then, I can't work on my photos (a huge part of my job). I just get the errors listed above.

Thanks so much for the quick response - I wish I would have found this forum sooner. I have been pulling my hair out and looking for other annotation/editing options. I would prefer to get this running, however.

Ok let's try to do this one thing at a time and start with the win7 issue:

So on windows 7 you are saying Screenshot Captor itself works fine and when you are in it, it works fine.
Your problem is you want to be able to double click png images and have them open in SC.
And that that used to work and now doesnt.

And are you saying that it still works when you do so from an image on a local drive and that the only problem is when double-clicking images on a sharepoint folder?

And what exactly happens when you double click one of these images and it doesn't open -- do you get an error from screenshot captor or just nothing happens?

And so when you say "i now have to drag it to the desktop and then it will open" -- so you are saying that after you copy from sharepoint to your desktop you can double click to open it in screenshot captor and everything works fine.


If i'm right about all that, then i think what's happened is that SC may now be refusing to open files that look like they are on a network share.. i do think i remember making a change that could have caused that.  IF everything above is correct can you tell me what the PATH of these sharepoint file looks like? An example path for an image i mean.


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