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New Update - crashes in Win 8. Win 7 now must open pic from desktop only.

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Correct. Local drive works fine. It is just the network location now. I opened a photo from the Pictures file on my hard drive and it was just fine. I am not worried about this and I can work around it but it is curious.

Oops - pushed "post" too quickly.
What I get is the opened screenshot captor, but there is no image in the view area.

What's an example path to a network shared image?

(XXXX is our district and XX is our state - since this is a public forum)

But, again, this is not my concern. I NEED to have this working on my laptop ASAP. I am able to function when I am on site. I need to function off site on my laptop/WIN 8.

OK so what's the win8 problem you are having?


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