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New Update - crashes in Win 8. Win 7 now must open pic from desktop only.

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When I try to open a photo (either from the desktop, hard drive, anywhere) Screenshot Captor does not show the image in the viewing area. It is blank. There is no information, nothing showing, nothing avaialble to annotate on or edit. Then the error message occurs (see my first post) and the application shuts down.

On windows 8, if you just launch screenshot captor normally and try to capture and manipulate images, does everything work as planned?

Is it only when you try to configure screenshot captor to open your images and then double click on an image file outside screenshot captor that the error occurs?

I'm trying to narrow down your problem -- the first step is figuring out if you are saying screenshot captor errors as soon as you launch it from start menu, or only in certain operations.

Well, it just did error as soon as I turned it on. I restarted my machine and got'er back.

Good thinking! Yep, the capture feature works. Pulls the image right in and shows on the left as well as the zoom/nav area beneath the viewing area.

So, it is just opening images that seems to be the issue.

I tried desktop and network location and it didn't work. Just tried pictures folder on the hard drive and it DID work, although I believe I have tried that recently and it didn't. Can't say for sure, though. Getting closer!


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