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Actual Window Menu - 24 hour Giveaway.

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An always free alternative:

You can update to the latest version by downloading from official website and just running the setup (make sure you reg with the "glary" details beforehand)
-mitzevo (April 17, 2013, 06:11 AM)
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I dont understand your post, so I'll ask a few questions :)

1) do you mean I can somehow register with Glary pre-install - then just install the most recent version from site (?)
2) do I have to register with 'Glary' in order to use the software ? (I've donwloaded already but not installed)
3) or are you talking about getting the details from the registry ?!?
-tomos (April 17, 2013, 08:06 AM)
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Let me address your questions as simply as possible:

1) No
2) No
3) No

The software is a giveaway, and usually its a full version (non-crippled) bundled with a text file containing registration name and code for the giveaway. Once you install the software, you need to use the registration name and code (in this case, the registration name is "glary" and the code is also in the text file) which is bundled.

Once you've registered the software with the provided reg/registration info, then you can update it by downloading the latest version from the official website and just installing it. It will retain the registration info. (If you try to update within the software itself it will fail for some reason - so just grab the latest version from the official site)


^gotcha - many thanks mitzevo :Thmbsup:


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