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Actual Window Menu - 24 hour Giveaway.

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I have just downloaded this and installed it inside a sandbox to try it, I am impressed.
Although some may prefer hotkeys this has a very comprehensive context menu so everything can be done with a right click.

I have most of the functions this provides in separate programs, because of the way this combines them it can require two actions to achieve what I normally achieve with one.
e.g. Alignment + resize, Sizer allows me to set both in one go (for x64 see HERE), Sizer can also show a program name next to the size in the context menu so you know exactly what it is intended for.

Having said that if I go with Actual Window Menu I could replace as many as half a dozen other programs. Resource usage is not an issue for me and I doubt if the change will make more than a few MB difference anyway.

I shall definitely consider installing this permanently in the coming days.

Very nice! Thank you pilgrim  :) Installing now... I used to use DM2 (portable version) but it's quite dated, and I'm quite impressed by another software product from Actual (Actual Multiple Monitors), so this will probably be a very useful app.

Thanks again!

sounds good,
homepage is

Actual Window Menu adds several menu items to standard window menu accessible via application icon in the title bar. Among new commands are: Roll Up \ Unroll window, Set window transparency, change program priority, minimize to task tray and always keep window on top.
--- End quote ---

Just a heads up: The giveaway is not the latest version (which is 7.5.1) but 7.4.3.

No, you do not get to update for free :P So you should disable automatic update checking if you decide to use/keep this giveaway deal.

You can update to the latest version by downloading from official website and just running the setup (make sure you reg with the "glary" details beforehand)

(make sure you reg with the "glary" details beforehand)
-mitzevo (April 17, 2013, 06:11 AM)
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