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Malwarebytes Secure Backup Beta launches

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Arizona Hot:

Malwarebytes Secure Backup Beta launches

This is available on BDJ today - the Pro version that gives you 100GB of storage. Regular price = $59.95 per year; today's price = $29.95 per year. Although I don’t know if that $29.95 annual subscription rate is only for the first year or for future years too.

Merle One asked the question at the BDJ product page comments section, but no one from Malwarebytes is posting there. (Not a good sign!) Merle posted that the cart states that your renewal price is the same as your purchase price, and he seems to think the discount will continue after the first year, though that seems highly unlikely.

Has anyone used this service? It would be particularly nice if you could use that space for storage as you see fit but I think you have to use their backup software.



I tend to stay away from the new kids on the block when it comes to online backup or similar critical services. I'd rather wait a year or two, let the dust settle, and then see how well they handle volume and what their service uptime really is.

But that's because I'm interested in the backup service itself rather than cashing in on some guarantee which any sane person would hope they'd never need to avail themselves of.

It's good to see a company with a fine reputation (albeit in other areas) getting into this market. But I would tend to hold off until they had a bit more of a track record. Even if it meant foregoing an early adopter discount.

But that's me. YMMV :)

Thanks for your always valued opinion, 40hz!   :)


A quick google seems to suggest their service is a based on SOS Online Backup, which has been around for a while.


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