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Capture from ZIM Desktop Wiki fails

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I'm using ZIM ( a python-based notebook.  Using Ctrl-C or "right-click copy" in ZIM will copy string to Windows clipboard, but not to CHS.  I have tried 're-establish chain' and verify database. I turned on capture-sound and sure enough no sound on ctrl-C in ZIM.  CHS works fine every where else.

Any ideas appreciated.

Hi Rich.

Apologize for the delay in replying.

I'm trying to think of reasons that that might happen.. There is a tag that programs can add to clipboard to say that the info is security related and CHS ignores those, but somehow I doubt that's the problem..

Let me download ZIM and try and see if i can reproduce.

Ok I can confirm that CHS is not seeing the clipboard text copied by this program.  Since I can reproduce it i will try to fix it and report.

Thanks for looking at this and let me know if I can help - but since you grabbed zim you're probably all set. 

Ok i've tracked down the bug, and I think it's a bug that will surely explain some previously reported rare missed clip capturing reported by others.

The problem was that CHS was detecting the case where multiple clips were very rapidly put on clipboard and ignoring such events.  This avoided some degenerate behavior when some app was out of control copying stuff to clipboard, but what I suspect is happening with ZIM (and i suspect other apps on rare occasions) is that the app is sending multiple items to clipboard in quick succession, and the first item is probably not in standard text format -- resulting in CHS ignoring the first item because its format is bad, and then ignoring the second item because it was coming too fast on the heals of the first.

So.. I'll have a new beta version up tomorrow for testing.  My only concern is that we'll see some reports of problems do to removing the old protect-against-too-rapid-clipboard code.  We shall see.


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