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Peer Review and the Scientific Process

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Quite by coincidence, I came across this amazing abstract posted at Real Peer Review (click on link), based on research by a Jennifer Nash  - she's apparently a Harvard colleague of Prof. Niall Ferguson's, and is an Associate Professor at Northwestern University. She probably makes the points raised by Prof. Fergusson, but even more emphatically illustrates those points, substantiating them with prima facie evidence. Judging by the abstract, she certainly gets to the bottom of things in her research and her thinking. Highly commendable in a researcher.

More corruption in the world of "science"? Of course!

Owner of Canadian medical journals publishes fake research for cash

The new owner of two prominent chains of Canadian medical journals is publishing fake research for cash, and pretending it is genuine.

--- End quote ---

More depression at the link.

Not the same as the above general critiques of peer review, but examples of way beyond simple insanity... articles so utterly disconnected from reality... People are "peer reviewing" absolute drivel. Then publishing it.

FAIR WARNING: You will likely lose a few IQ points, soil yourself, and spend the better part of an hour vomitting if you click on either of these links.

^^ Depressing and breathtakingly moronic.
I know, I know. I should have taken your warning and not clicked.    :(

Looking on the positive side though, at least the Internet has enabled the authors an avenue to freely express themselves and publish that expression - which, I guess is what it's probably all about in both cases. Sort of "Self-actualisation" - maybe even cathartic "baggage-release".

Sure, they may get their rocks off, but it's still garbage science. And it's peer reviewed.

Humanity is doomed at this rate. Hunker in.


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